Canadian grain is needed around the world more than ever. It's time to get ready.

Harvest 2022 represents the most important harvest in a generation.

Consumers in Canada and around the world are counting on our Agriculture industry to step up and play a leading role in safeguarding global food security.

The entire Agricultural supply chain has a responsibility to deliver needed Canadian products to consumers at home and around the world.

Our message to the world is that Canada is ready and has the plan to show it.


Our industry has developed a 4 point plan to keep Canadian grain moving.​

1. Show the Plan

CN and CP must provide detailed, transparent plans on how they plan to move grain based on the template provided by the grain sector.

2. Protect the Plan

The formation of an Industry/Government Labour Council to track the progress of the collective agreement negotiations. There are 12 CN and CP labour agreements that are expired or will expire in 2022 alone.

3. Work the Plan

Container lines serving Canada should provide monthly updates on their export program, including the expected capacity that will be made available each month for agriculture exports

4. Measure and Optimize the Plan

Support the increased utilization of comprehensive performance measurement programs – such as the Ag Transport Coalition for rail – to measure how service providers are meeting their plans and outline improvements for the future.

Our message to Canadian and global customers is clear: We are ready to do what's needed to feed the world.


Show you’re ready. Post a short video or photo to add your voice to the growing list of those working across the Ag value chain to make Harvest 2022 a success. Make sure to use the hashtags #CanadasReady and #CdnAg.